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Published 10th July 2017, 9:37am

As part of its public education campaign for the NPO law, the Ministry of Financial Services will offer the following information sessions in July.

Saturday8-Jul-17PublicChamber of Commerce, Governor's Square4pm
Monday17-Jul-17PublicGovernment Administration Building, Room 10382:30pm
Wednesday19-Jul-17PublicChamber of Commerce, Governor's Square10am
Wednesday19-Jul-17PublicChamber of Commerce, Governor's Square6:30pm
Thursday20-Jul-17PublicGovernment Administration Building, Room 10382:30pm
Friday21-Jul-17PublicGovernment Administration Building, Room 10382pm
Tuesday25-Jul-17PublicGovernment Administration Building, Room 103810am
Wednesday26-Jul-17PublicGovernment Administration Building, Room 10389am
Saturday29-Jul-17PublicChamber of Commerce, Governor's Square6pm
Monday31-Jul-17PublicChamber of Commerce, Governor's Square10am
Monday31-Jul-17PublicChamber of Commerce, Governor's Square6pm

For more information, persons are asked to contact Policy Officer Wilbur Welcome at, in the Department for Financial Services Policy and Legislation. Additional NPO meeting dates and times will be added as necessary.


For more information, please contact the Financial Services Secretariat at (345) 945-5819 or via email at