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Mutual Funds

The Cayman Islands enacted its Mutual Funds Law in 1993 and subsequently, funds have become a key sector: there are more than 8,000 registered funds and Cayman maintains a leading global position in the hedge fund market.

Cayman offers asset managers and fund promoters with ideal market access, developed infrastructure, professional services and a secure regulatory environment.

One of the key advantages of doing international business in Cayman is the depth of expertise in all disciplines relating to global finance, delivered by world-class law, accounting/audit and fund administration firms. The aim is to ensure that client requirements are translated into structures that derive maximum advantage in the jurisdictions of investors and of investments.

Factors contributing to this include the flexibility afforded by the broad range of structures available to operate funds and the clarity of the Mutual Funds Law. The legislative framework allows for sophisticated investment techniques, which may include leveraging portfolios to a substantial extent, making loans of securities on an unlimited basis and investing without restriction in any currency or instrument, among other features.